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No problem. I cannot help and explain you more because I do not know what you have done. You must give valid and existing path and filename to TinyLauncher executable, but under WinUAE Tiny Launcher as far as I know and test it - cannot be run from harddisk mounted as directory because it detect not valid filesystem it must be runned from hdf filepartition because hdf files formated under WB type system contain filesystem informations and are portable format to use it as pseudo real hard disk. Data from Hdfs can be even transfered to real Amiga by tools like TSGui from Aminet. Anyway, you can try delete some files from WB 2.1 adf and place Tiny Launcher executable there and try to boot only adf and run Tiny Launcher by adding it to s-s file or from cli or click on file from loaded WB. It should be not problem to run Tiny Launcher under WinUAE following two conditions: 1. Tiny Launcher exec must NOT be run from harddisk mounted as directory, 2 you need more than 1 MB Chip Memory set in WinUAE's Ram settings tab. Try once again. I tried and this is not too difficult if you have basic Amiga WB and WinUAE usage knowledge. In my opinion times when people use adf and wait many minutes to oad games from emulated floppies should past by, WHDLoad should be standard and people should make their life when want to play games as much easiest as possible. And ofcourse in my opinion Tiny Launcher make this much more easy to do. Under real Amiga also because you can use only joystick/keys to navigate.
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