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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Well I don't think I really understand the difference you talk about, so it would be best if you post a Deliplayer recording of a module and then the same on XMPlay so we can suggest a solution to your problem, if any at all... The length in XMPlay depends on where you play the MOD from. If you play them from the beginning, it should be the same.

Most if not all Deliplayers run on XMPlay with the Deli extension.
im on a slow connection atm, so uploading is a bit difficult, sorry.

regarding the length, i checked a few more mods and it depends on the format, as far as i can tell. so i guess deliplayer interpreted the length of a module sometimes in a different way?

that is why i asked about using the amiga players from deliplayer, because i think then the output 'must be' as equal as possible. or am i wrong?

i have downloaded the delix extension, but i cant find pluginoptions for it. no need to set anything at all?

@ buzz: is there a win port to uade?
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