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I own only real Amiga 1200 and I do not used real Amiga 600 with HDD since about 1995 when I played on many disk version games on my friend machine. But I thins it should not to be problems with Tiny Launcher under Amiga 600. You can try SE version but in my opinion even latest Tiny Launcher should work on your machine. Just copy executable to your machine by CF Card with PCMCIA adapter (if you have any) / Serial Cable (if you have any) or by WinUAE if you have possibility to connect your Amiga HDD to PC somehow. Because in lots text in your message and with my low English konwledge I cannot find information you already do this and what happend when you launching Tiny Launcher from your WB. If you have WHDLoad in C to launch games and no old TL config files in S/TinyLauncher it should run on real Amiga without problem as far as I know. Also you can try contact Gibs by e-mail at: gibs2b [at] and ask if you have problems. I cannot help more by remote way. I made fast test. Mount my HDF with TIny Launcher under WinUAE. Set Quickstart configuration for Amiga 600 with 2 MB of Chip (because with lower amount of memory I got "Out of memory" message) and loaded Wb2.1 (38.36) - Workbench.adf which as far as I know was created for newer Amigas than 500. I edited S:Startup-Sequence like below and rebooted and TinyLauncher was run without problem. Ofcourse for ToolTypes feature you need NewIcons util which we described above how to use it. But I do not have knowledge is ClassicWB for Amiga 600 have possibility to run int correctly. You must try. Ok here is cut of edited s-s file. For more infos please try to ask gibs via e-mail. I have low Amiga 600 kowledge. Right now when TL is in devleopment state I have very old version on my real Amiga which I havent free time to run from a very long time. So I run prepared HDF with Tiny Launcher in Amiga 1200 config under my WinUAE to test new versions if Gibs releae them. Right now I have only e-mail contact with Him, because probable he is banned here like he wrote me.
; $VER: startup-sequence 38.22 (24.4.92)

C:SetPatch QUIET

C:AntiClick QUIET

Version >NIL:
AddBuffers >NIL: DF0: 15
FailAt 21

MakeDir RAM:T RAM:Clipboards RAM:ENV RAM:ENV/Sys

Assign >NIL: T: RAM:T
; ... cut ...
That's all from me. For detailed information maybe other EAB users here, who own real Amiga 600 can help you. And assigns for TLGECS or other similar assigns are only needed if you run *.tl scripts for games/demos and need to switch directory by cd command or do other operation which need base path of your games (you must also add Game name subdirectory to it). I wait for Gibs update TinyLauncher code and allow skip that thing and let users launch *.tl scripts without switching directories like that.
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