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To be honest, I'm not particularly impressed with the article. It's only 2 pages long so it can hardly count as a "making of", some of the questions were ripped directly from my interview over a year ago, there's just no meat, nothing new or interesting that we didn't already know which is such a waste!
Well if you've already interviewed Torben then of course the article isn't really going to be for you is it?

I've never seen your interview, and there's only so many things you can ask about a shoot-'em-up. I was only given 2 pages (I had been hoping for 4). I still think we crammed in a lot of nice info for people unfamiliar with the game's history.

Also, I woudn't mind if it was a month or two later, but the magazine's only been out literally 2 days so I don't really agree with posting pdf's here already.
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