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Hi, i am still having trouble figuring this out and haven't had any response to my queries yet in regards to my post above here.

I have found in the readme some vague instructions which says this-

Just put in your startup-sequence:
Assign TLGECS: YOUR_DRIVEirectory_of_your_games

I have given this a go but with no luck, plus it doesn't help that i have never edited things like this before and really have no idea. It would be nice if the instructions for some of these amiga utlities were written for noobs in mind.

So if i was to have the tinylauncher.exe in say, C directory of my amiga os, do you direct the startup to the tinylauncher exe folder?

The readme says to direct the startup to the games directory which seems odd, i can't see how that would work without launching tinylauncher itself.

Would this be the correct line to add into the startup to start tinylauncher before WB-

Assign TLGECS: C:TinyLauncher.exe

Plus were would i insert this added command into my wb startup, at the very start or somewhere else?

Also i have my whdload games stored on a cf card, it's folder is located on the cf0 drive in a folder called WHDG. I have also configured tinylauncher to read from this games directory and it all works ok inside of WB itself.
But i would like to be able to save some ram and launch tinylauncher before WB.

Thanks, Han.

PS: I am running a A600 with WB2.1, do i use the normal tinylauncher, or the SE version, i have tried both with no luck on the startup.
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