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Thanks for answers Fishyfish. I'm bit embarrassed to say, but I'm trying to understand the very basics of how Workbench works, over the years windows made a bit dumb . For example, I don't know what are tooltypes, what does rexx do, how to properly change startup sequence, that sort of thing.. That would be a lot of questions, so that's why I was thinking if there may be some sort of tutorial for complete noobs

Thanks for clearing my dilemma about ACA accelerators, 1231 it shall be. I dug a little bit on eBay, 040 and 060 accelerators have astronomical prices, way out of my reach.

I'll stick with the ClassicWB 3.1 for now, till I get familiar with things, but I would love to customize it from scratch on my own.

Again, thank you very much for taking time answering me, I'll read as much of the forum threads as I can.
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