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PSP Amiga Emulation

I just bought a PSP E1000, which is basically a PSP with Wi-Fi removed and mono sound. They're not dealbreakers to me, so it's a nice replacement for my phone as a portable gaming device. I obviously want to use Amiga emulation, but would love to get a C64 and MAME running on this too, as well as any other systems that I may feel like a little later down the road.

What's the process here? It's running 6.60, so I assume I have to install some type of custom firmware?

When ready, what are the best emulators to put onto it?

I've already ordered a MicroSD to Memory Stick Pro Duo adapter, and I have a 16GB MicroSD card lying around, so I should be fine in terms of storage.

Any help would be much appreciated
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