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amiga advice

well i am certainly not going to step into an area (Amiga Emulation speed) which i have no knowledge or experience. To finish my posting here concerning the "fragmented Amiga market" {being kind here}, i will say this........

I think enough demand for Amiga Classic hardware/software, Amiga emulation software and hardware, linux & i386 based , ppc based and whatever else one can conjure up to run Amiga stuff exists today in such magnitude as to support even mildly inflated unified hardware and software Amiga stuff that could today compete in the mainstream gaming world. Fragmented market, under-performing hardware, older linux based distributions, infighting and greed are the problem. Missed opportunity but not totally lost, as long as YOU love the Amiga there is a chance vendors, investors, could get together and pull in the same direction. But, if this trend continues, i can't imagine what an Amiga might look like 10 yrs from today. You might have to fill your game room with a couple thousand dollars in accelerators, jumpers, software converters, bastardized pc/amiga connections, underperforming expensive hardware, complicated hardware and software work arounds, and God (Allah) knows what else. Hell, a 75 lb box of old extension cords and phone cords all tangled might look good to the Amiga power user. Can you imagine, ! Even I a die hard unix (openbsd) fan (ME) might consider buying (God forgive me) an M$ machine to play games on.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats enough of that sorry!

Amiga related questions to continue on track later.
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