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Firstly, your English is fine. Had you not mentioned your "bad English" I wouldnt have realised English wasnt your native language

I hope someone proves me wrong, but so far as I know there's no great all in one resource for teaching people what's useful to know for the current 68k amiga user. Searching and reading threads in sites such as this is probably the best option.

Im sure there's other threads made by people in a similar situation to yourself, so hopefully you wont have to read too many threads
There's one I started myself recently where I asked some questions that may contain information that's useful to you (
It probably wont cover all your questions, but may contain some useful information for you.

As for the ACA cards, I dont thik there's any 1230's available (apart from 2nd hand), so it may make your choice a little easier. I have neither card, but if my memory serves me correctly the biggest difference was RAM timing being tighter on the 1231, resulting in better performance at same clock speed in some situations. I may be wrong here, but I think that was the main difference (Besides the 1231 only being available a 42mhz).

As for optical drives, any should work so long as its ide and you have the correct cables SCSI drives can also work, but obviously you'll need to have hadware with a scsi controller

In regards to OS3.9, it is a little heavier than 3.0/3.1, and 3.5, but not a lot once OS3.0/3.1 has the enhancements added that OS3.9 contains. To this day people still debate whether its better to just enhance OS3.0/3.1 themselves, or to use OS3.5/3.9 as a base, but end of the day its mostly just a matter of taste. Personally I like OS3.9 and use it on my amithlon box, although I use OS3.1 on my a1200..... not because I think its better for a real amiga, but simply because I like to build my system from the ground up myself, and OS3.1 is a lot more basic, so it suits better.

In regards to RTG, there's really not many options other than a mediator these days. There's also the G-Rex (mine cost me something tiny like $30 brand new some years ago(although only 'cos they were being cleared out)), but it requires a blizzard ppc accelerator whereas Mediator can also be used with 680x0 accelerators.
The only other option I can think of is an ATEO bus, but theyre quite rare, and only available second hand, not to mention they use ISA and have very little hardware support (Pixel64 I believe is the only available graphics card there).

Hopefully this answers some of your questions and feel free to ask if you have any more.
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