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Complete noob :)

Hello guys, new old Amiga user here Forum is wonderful, I learned bunch of stuff, but still having some trouble so I was hoping for some help. Like most of people, back in the days I had Amiga 500, had a lot of fun with it, great games, created my first music with Octamed, did some drawing with DPaint, animations with Disney animation studio etc. but most important, which is a big problem for me now, I never got to know workbench as it deserves. I already tempered a bit with ClassicWB (through WinUae), it is ingenious package, got to know it to some extent, but not quite well. First of all, I don't want to bore you to death with basic questions so if there is some tutorial for noobs, or a website that condenses all that I should know in dummy friendly manner, that would be great!
Second, I recently bought A1200 in Elbox tower, basic machine, no expansions, and I'm thinking adding some kick to old girl. I'm considering ACA1230 or ACA1231 (what are differences between those two cards apart 1230 having higher clock), would any of those be a good investment, or I should looking for something more powerful, OS 3.9 wise (my budget would be around 300 euros)? What about CD/DVD rom, will any work or there is some particular ones that I would have to look for? Why are mediator boards so expensive, are there not some cheaper solutions for RTG?
That's all for now, sorry for my bad english. Thanks very much in advance.
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