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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Nonsense. Games like breathless, ab3d/ab3d2, xtreme racing, etc. run terribly. Heck even bread and butter stuff like alladin, super stardust, etc. need frameskiping to be almost full speed. AGA scene demos for the most part are too slow to be watchable and sound skips often.
This is not at all what I am experiencing. How long ago did you try this on an AmigaOne, and which version of E-UAE did you use? Even though they do not yet have JIT incorporated, the latest E-UAE that comes with the OS4.1 update 5 release is a huge improvement from what used to exist and again, as I sit here in front of my AmigaOne and compare the relative speeds of the 800MHz AmigaOne E-UAE emulation with that of the 1.6 Ghz PC netbook or 1.4 Ghz PC laptop running the latest UAE - the AmigaOne version runs smoother and with few if any glitches in such games as Super Stardust, AB3D and Dungeon Master 2.

Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
When I got my A1xe G4@933 some time back I was massively disappointed. It was significantly slower than even amithlon on the athlon xp I was unning at the time (so doesnt come close to the core2duo Im running it on now). Considering the vast difference in hardware price and the fact that amithlon predominantly runs on an emulated cpu this was hugely disappointing.

It is good advice though to try to see one in action, then look at the other NG options in action. The A1 hardware's shortcomings and terrible value will then be abundantly clear.
How long ago did you have your AmigaOne? Perhaps you should try the latest versions of software (OS4 and E-UAE) and see how much it has improved. No, it is not perfect, and no, it does not compare on an 800 MHz machine to how you can run the emulator on a 3.2 GHz PC, but it plays very well. Sorry you are so bitter about the AmigaOne. I'm glad you have found something else to have fun with!
Oh, as for the high price of AmigaOnes, there was a sale several weeks back of (I think) Samantha boards that were selling for quite a bit less than their initial introductory price - I seem to recall prices like $500 USD. Still high for the raw processor power you get...but then again, some people are paying over $900 on ebay right now for Amiga 4000 computers with 50 MHz CPUs.
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