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It's a lot more convoluted than it may appear even

(although probably worth mentioning that Commodore USA didnt even exist until about 7 years after Amiga OS4.x and original AmigaOnes)

Commodore USA simply arent allowed to use an amiga os syle os for thier machines as stipulated by the court case settlement. They wanted to offer AROS as an alternative/extra system (none of the "NG" options are up to scratch as a modern OS, so while I like AROS tis makes sense to me).
Having said that though their behavior surrouding aros afterwards was far from professional (or sane). Little things like publicly publishing portions of emails from people who at the time were interested in collaborating with them that contained things that were supposed to be kept behind the scenes (thier reason for doing this was little more than spite). Heck they even made a big song and dance and whinged over the fact that a small sum was wanted for drivers that other people paid for if they (C-USA) were to use them commercially.

The farce doesnt stop with C-USA either. Hyperion themselves shiftied thier way into owning amiga os4.x. Very few people will admit it (too many fanatics), but Hyperion have acted as bad as Amiga Inc. (whom Ive not even mentioned yet, but theyre as bad as anyone).
Many people will say garbage like, "at least Hyperion did something", neglecting (perhaps selectively) the fact that it was Amiga Inc. who hired Hyperion to port amiga os to ppc. They also instigated (not manufactured) the need and idea of the AmigaOne machines.
Hyperion simply lucked onto it and then proceeded to procrastinate for years so as to be able to use loopholes in a "buy the OS should A.Inc go bankrupt" clause that was put in to the contract.

It's a crying shame what a mockery the once great amiga has become, and quite amazing that things have gotten as far as they have given the sheer level of incompetance involved.

Despite how it may seem, I have (or at one point have) supported all the NG options, and get some enjoyment from them. The original amiga os (1.x-3.x) well and truly deserves to continue, so its great to have 3 offshoots, but its disheartening to see it abused time and time again at the hands of clowns.
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