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Originally Posted by Kola View Post

Im interested to know if any new programmers still write for the 1200?
I started programming for the first time and am quite close to finishing my first Amiga game (Football Manager clone in AMOS ) the problem is if you are working as a one man team the project gets held up with other commitments such as work / family etc and it is very easy to plan too large a project. One of the reasons I went for a text based game is that adding music and sprites would have been too much for me on my own.

I will finish off my football manger game - but in order to do this think I will have to scale down my other commitments -

I have plans for another game(s) - but these will be programmed in AMOS too due to my inexperience in programming - although I did pick up a copy of blitz basic on ebay recently as there seemed to be quite a lot of support for that on the forums.

What I would like to be involved in would be a sort of game project which contained lots of mini games where the code could be shared to inspire others to develop the ideas into other games - e.g. I was thinking of a dangermouse game which could have an operation wolf shooting section - hunchback platform section - defender section - with a text adventure linking the mini games together - a bit like snatcher on the Mega CD - then if the code was readily available it might encourage others to expand those ideas further.

Recently there do seem to be a few Amiga games that are under development or have already been released (see Graham's post on Lemon Amiga Forum but from my interviews with former public domain / shareware amiga programmers it seems most of them have now moved onto writing for mobile phones and ipads as there is a monetary reward for developing on those platforms.

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