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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
To be honest, I kinda lost the motivation to fully finish the AGA version. There wasn't a big demand for it and the level of interest wasn't the same - but then that's not a surprise as the game was already done and dusted. And I didn't fancy writing an entirely new text input routine with the joypad - it seemed a lot of work for what it was. I think I burnt myself out by working so hard on it in the run-up to the game's release.
I realise this isn't much of a conciliation but i'd really, REALLY appreciate some insight into AGA. I've been following your progress throughout, read your Amiga magazine articles etc etc. So far, your articles have given me more insight into Blitz than any mag article in the last 15 years.

Please dont give up. I for one would pay in Hens Teeth for a partial direct brain transplant/lobotomy for that frontal lobe knowledge you have, if it didn't risk us both becoming vegetables that is.

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