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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
I wish you all the best Spud

My Amiga Buck Rogers game lies dead on a hard card from my second Amiga 2000 to die in 12 months and the frustration with irreplaceable hardware just drove me over the edge. Working on a PC via WinUAE and a 1080p LCD monitor with 100hz update is not suitable for my game as I needed to see how much I could drop the texture palette and make it up with tight copperlists. It was meant to look great on CRT tubes using SCART/RGB cables on real Amigas.

Ah well not much I can do about it now after searching for a single sane ebay seller with a replacement for months. I am now working hard on producing an iconic Commodore 64 game using DirectX 11 for PC though, and have the support of a 3D artist who worked on Prometheus. Writing games is awesome, had great fun getting those 3D textured floors with lovely depth cue effect working on a bog standard Amiga OCS machine though. Good feeling
That is sad news indeed. I fear my games don't need quite so precise timing, so the UAE development environment is fine for it

Any clues on what the iconic C64 game is?

Originally Posted by Kola View Post
Hi SPud. If you need any sound effects done give me a shout.
Thanks for the offer, Kola I do have a musician on board, though he's working on his own projects so who knows, may come a-knocking when the time comes. Before I consider that though I need to figure out how to slot in some sort of interrupt (presumably) driven mod player. All part of the fun though :-)
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