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Hi guys, there you all are !! haha

This is great news. Im a musician and wondering if I could offer up any services for sound effects and music etc.

I must admit I have no clue to how you get music into a game. IE I can write music in octamed and hand over a file, and I can make the file to a specific size but its all new to me as far as writing for the amiga goes.

I can also produce sound FX as Amiga 8 bit samples. This is no problem at all.

If I can be any help please get in touch. If you already music'd up, well great, ill download your game anyhow and be thankful your keeping the 1200 moving forward.

Some of the best games ever were made by a coder, a musician and a graphic artist, maybe a few others. These days a Xbox 360 game credits reads like a film score. I dunno, I was always more impressed (and still am) by the demo scene where very little produced very much. Im rambling now.
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