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Nonsense. Games like breathless, ab3d/ab3d2, xtreme racing, etc. run terribly. Heck even bread and butter stuff like alladin, super stardust, etc. need frameskiping to be almost full speed. AGA scene demos for the most part are too slow to be watchable and sound skips often.

It's not that its totally useless. As a beefed up retro apps machine its quite capable, but as a "modern" system, or something to play old amiga games on its far from great.

When I got my A1xe G4@933 some time back I was massively disappointed. It was significantly slower than even amithlon on the athlon xp I was unning at the time (so doesnt come close to the core2duo Im running it on now). Considering the vast difference in hardware price and the fact that amithlon predominantly runs on an emulated cpu this was hugely disappointing.

It is good advice though to try to see one in action, then look at the other NG options in action. The A1 hardware's shortcomings and terrible value will then be abundantly clear.

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