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When I first heard about the AmigaOne I didn't really expect much. I figured the port of the original AmigaOS to a PPC would make just about everything incompatible, and that such things as datatypes and AREXX and LIBS would all be done away with for the new OS.
I got a micro A1 back in around 2005 and have been amazingly happy with it. I discovered that it was like running a massively turbo charged Amiga A1200 with huge amounts of RAM, built in USB, much better graphics, while retaining all of the original Amiga look and feel, as well as everything I had come to know in an Amiga. This is the genuine Amiga experience in hyper speed! Even at 800 MHz, this thing is so fast.
I have been having incredible fun with my A1 and am so very glad I bought it. It has been well worth the price. A huge amount of 2D and 3D apps work directly on the AmigaOne (not under UAE emulation) - lightwave, cinema4D, FxPaint, DPaint 5.2 (except animation), VistaPro, PPaint, and almost all financial programs and spread sheets and word processors such as Final Data, Superbase Pro, Final Calc, Finalwriter, ProCalc, and so many more. These things run at lightning speeds.
As for the E-UAE emulation - RuninUAE which is included with AmigaOS4.1 allows you to simply double click on any 68k icon and run it (if you so choose) under E-UAE transparently from the OS4 workbench. I have yet to see ANY program, no matter how CPU intensive it's graphics, that does not run full speed or better under the latest versions of E-UAE as provided on the OS4.1 updates.
The AmigaOS version of UAE runs significantly better than the PC version I use on my 1.6 GHz netbook, which DOES slow down in such games as (for example) the final levels of Dungeon Master II.
You may want to be careful in listening to people who tell you all about the limitations of a particular computer without actually owning one.

Again, for what it's worth, I think you should try an AmigaOne and see if you like it. See if you can hang out with someone who owns one and has it set up properly to enjoy old and new Amiga software. If you enjoy the "classic" Amiga, you will most likely enjoy the AmigaOne. It behaves almost exactly the same and is really a seamless transition into a faster Amiga world.
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