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You can use a modern/current monitor with an amiga, but most (not all) wont display all the screenmodes. The big problem there is the modes that often dont work are the 15khz modes, wich happens be what %97 of amiga games use. Workbench (and any software running on it) can be set to a display mode that pretty much all modern screens will support, but you'll need a 23pin rgb<->vga adaptor or similar.

Alternatively an lcd/plasma TV with scart is often a good choice as a lot more t.v. support the 15khz modes. Apart from that though there's also things like an indivisionaga, which will do the scandoubling/flicker fixing itself, making it possible in theory to use all display modes on any screen.
I say "in theory" as from all reports so far it seems pretty hit and miss. Some people have had great results, others have basically wasted thier money.

As for pcmcia network cards, for me the best reason to have one is to be abe to transfer files from another machine to the amiga and things like irc.
While you can browse on an amiga the browsers available are either outdated to a point that pages are often rendered pretty badly, or close to straight recompiles of open source browsers, using big bloated tools, resulting in very slow browsers (and requiring a gfx card).
It's not that the classic amigas couldnt do better, just that no-one thus far has tried making a more modern amiga browser for the 680x0/cbm amigas.
Having said that though, browsing on an amiga is quite possible, and downloading files is no problem.

As for what a nicely kitted a1200 is worth, theyre not cheap. In total Ive paid about $500 for my a1200/40mhz '040 accelerator+32meg/32gig cf card + adaptor, pcmcia network card, and I consider that to be a bit of a bargain compared to what I see others pay.
Unless you just want to play old floppy based games I personally I wouldnt touch anything less than an '030 cpu+ram upgrade. PCMCIA network cards are next to nothing (mine cost me $4 iirc), and harddrives are standard 2.5inch ide drives. Using a CF card off of an 2.5inch ide <->CF adaptor card is quite popular these days, but storage space is a lot more expensive per gig (my 32gig cf card was about $65, roughly on par with a 500gig 2.5inch ide harddrive). Only reason I went that way is that it makes it easier to transfer files to the drive from my windows box as I can just plug the cf card into a card reader, which is easier than using a 3.5 inch <->2.5 inch ide adaptor and having to pull the pc apart whenever I want to transfer files that way.

AmigaKit seem reliable, but they are pretty expensive.

As for software compatibility, its not nearly as bad as magazines of yesteryear used to suggest, especially nowadays when there's things like whdload, which both makes it possible to install old games to harddrive, and fixes bugs/incompatibilities.
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