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amiga advive

Thanks for the info......I was leaning towards the A-500/1200 or the A-2000, as some on E-Bay have already "souped them up" so to say.......Not being Amiga hardware competent, i am now thinking given that, that maybe the A-1200 might be a good place to start......

Can the A-1200 drive a modern flat screen monitor?

Is it worth putting an ethernet card/adapter in one,,,,,if one has other machines to surf the net with., or fitted with a hd, is it fast enough to functionally download Amiga Software.

Are the Amiga kit people a good place to find one, I sometimes hear people get bad
products from Ebay, not being an Amiga expert i would rather buy from an established co.

What are the software compatibility problems i hear sometimes with the
Amiga - 1200?

What would a decently fitted Amiga 1200 cost.
i.e. hard disk, ethernet conn, and what other add ons would be appropiate. ?????

Thanks for the advive...
Granbury, Tx
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