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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Sorry, I haven't read all the post but some, but I want to use the 030 version with my ACA. I've got some doubts:
-I've heard I can't play Full Throttle... (I tried it some time ago). Even with PFS3 and a Fast Ata? . What games can I try?
-Do I have to select first any special screen mode? Can I try with Superplus?
-Do I have to change the AHI preferences?

Thanks master

Yes Full Throttle is not playable on an 030 I'm afraid, not even with a super-fast ACA. The problem is the infamous fight scenes which are basically interactive rendered movies streamed off the hard drive

The rest of the game is completely playable but these fight scenes kill it on an 030. You need both a fast processor (eg 40Mhz 040) and a fast hard drive transfer rate (SCSI, IdeFix Express) to play Full Throttle on the Amiga. Interesting even the PPC port struggled with the fight scenes but they run fast on my port with an 060

Check out the speed right here -> [ Show youtube player ]

As to your setup questions, for max performance on an 030 do the following:

  • Install AHI 4.8
  • Set you AHI device to 8bit FAST Stereo++ @ 8000Hz
  • Patch your memory copy routines to 030 versions
  • Load your ROM to FASTRAM (easy with an ACA)
  • Install PFS3
  • Use a PAL screen mode (Tooltypes), sorry SuperPlus is not supported.
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