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Hey Macker and all..
Even tho I 2 m older than dirt, I did Amiga for years plus.
About the late 90s I went ms and Linux. (the club broke up)
Lately tho, I been getting back to it. Most of the old comps I have (1000, 500, 2000, 3000) (also had a CDTV, 1200, CD32) don't anymore, so I tried a bunch of emus.
Amikit went right on the win7(hhaakkkkkaakkk) and no probs with updates. I was somewhat impressed, but what I liked the best was CNet Pro installed with no probs. So Amikit seems pretty stable. If you get AF2012, you can try Amikit, Aros, and Amigasys, they're included.
Maybe I'll get the old BBS back up with a net door or something. I have more s/ware than I can lift and it might be fun, even if I don't get much traffic. I'll stick a new board into an old 1000 case, build a adapter for the keyboard, mount Amikit, and go.
BTW, anybody know any net Ami BBS's up?
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