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Originally Posted by Bastich View Post
Version 7 pre bloat is best
Version 8 of PSP is easily the best, I have version 4 for simple stuff and version 8 for doing some very complex stuff. Been using it for half a decade now and still not found anything impossible to do compared to Photoshop. I edit some pretty huge 8mp images with just 1gb of RAM and other stuff running in the background all the time

There is however a real issue with working on HAM mode images, I have yet to find a single utility to save out HAM images. And also a real shame is I can't even find an Amiga package that could save back the Digi-View 21bit colour RAW format (ADPro loads them but can't save them even with extra extensions/plugins).

Digi-View 4 was the best program to actually render Dynamic Hi-Res or Dynamic HAM so if I could get the images into it from 24bit digital source via PNGs I thought I could have made a stunning graphic adventure game. Even took the photos on holiday of some ruins and walked on a specific path to do a little demo years ago haha
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