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To be honest, I kinda lost the motivation to fully finish the AGA version. There wasn't a big demand for it and the level of interest wasn't the same - but then that's not a surprise as the game was already done and dusted. And I didn't fancy writing an entirely new text input routine with the joypad - it seemed a lot of work for what it was. I think I burnt myself out by working so hard on it in the run-up to the game's release.

On the game's website, the 2nd AGA WIP allows you to skip through the high score table by pressing fire so even though it is a hell of a bodge, at least you won't get stuck on a CD32 (although you wouldn't be able to save the highscores anyway of course). You can pause and turn music/sound on/off with the pad during the game though. No-one has let me know if it actually works on a CD32 so it would be quite nice to find out!

I will start a new project very soon now. It won't be AGA but I plan to build in CD32 pad support from the beginning to avoid problems later on, so it will be totally CD32-friendly. I will do a new thread when I have something tangible up and running but it will take a bit longer and require more groundwork to be laid than Downfall. Hopefully the results will be worth it. Of course any testing on different setups at various points will be very gratefully received and will prove very useful.
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