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Ah, these are all just plain A500s with Kickstart 1.3 and 512kb ChipRAM. Two of them have 512k expansions, but yeah if it needs 1MB Chip that explains why it's not working.

The music never started either, it just quit back after the title screen loaded. I could run it again without rebooting by typing "Downfall" in AmigaDOS, and it ran again and quit again, but at least it's not a crash or anything.

It boots and runs fine on the A1200s and a CD32 with a floppy drive connected, although you're pretty much stuck without a keyboard on the high score table so it'll be cool if you find the motivation to add that, at least to the AGA version.

I haven't tried the AGA version yet, but I can burn it to a CD and try it on the CD32 and let you know the results if you want. In fact if you ever need anything tested on real hardware, we have a whole office full of Amigas (no big boxes though) for testing software and hardware, so just let me know what you want me to try. This goes for anyone still developing anything for Amigas.
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