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Is anyone here actually aware that X-Bench was a joint adventure by both JimNeray and gibs and they split taking the same ideas with them?

Maybe you guys need to read up on other x-bench and Tiny Launcher threads to come to your own conclusions first before persecuting others.

I have to admire gibs for claiming that X-Bench stole the WHDLoad idea from Tiny Launcher when he posted 'x-Bench : The New WHDLOAD launcher' himself back in Aug 2010 for JimNeray, as he hadn't joined EAB then, long before he had even posted anything regarding Tiny Launcher. Read down to JimNeray's post @ #7 too, very interesting

Maybe someone needs to re-trace their posts on EAB first before making claims that condemn another member on here, posts = truth and believe you me, I have read all I need to know to come to my conclusion

EDIT: That doesn't mean it effects my responsibility as a mod on EAB, I just wish these two members would learn to move on without this animosity between themselves. Too many threads are being ruined by posts that quite frankly don't fit within the original threads descriptive title, it's time for these threads to get back on topic and stay that way.

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