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Could it be an issue that xstreamtodev has not written ALL of the minirootfs contents?? I notice the utility goves no indication whether it was successful or not, even with the --verbose option. It wrote for probably about 10 seconds and then just stopped and went back to the amiga cli prompt. I can only assume it worked ok.
I remember that output of xstreamtodev is not really intuitive... So it's possible that it worked fine even if it didn't report success, although I can't check it now, since I'm away from my Amigas.

I am just wondering what exactly the loader cant find?
It can't load second stage boot loader from the NetBSD filesystem (can be named /boot.amiga or /boot or /boot.ami ).

Originally Posted by ahhyes View Post
Could it be any jumper setting on my Blizzard 1260 causing an issue? There is a mapROM jumper setting that supposedly maps ROM to fastram. I wonder if this could be messing anything up?
I doubt it, but it doesn't hurt to check...
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