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Hi everyone.

I have to agree with Akira and the original poster. Grafx2 needs some improvement on the IFF saving front

And since Yrizoud's on the case, would he be able to also add functionality for when you save out to IFF that it automatically flattens the image?
I use Grafx2 extensively for pixelling for our game dev work we do and save my files as .gif due to the layer usability, but my process of conversion to the amiga is this:

1. Make/load image into Grafx2, work on it etc,.
2. Flatten image, save out as .png
3. Load into PPaint on amiga (it does load as a 256 colour image)
4. In PPaint, convert to 32 colours, save out as .iff

It's doable but is cumbersome and to be able to save out an .iff from Grafx2 to be used immediately on amiga without conversions would be great
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