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Interest in Replacement Keyboard Membranes

Following a discussion with one of the moderators on, it seems that the Amiga A1200 and A600 (in particular) are now suffering badly with failing keyboard membranes.

I am interested in maybe arranging a new production run if there is sufficient interest.

The main issue has to be the amount of capital investment required - the A1200 has one membrane, and there are two different types for the A600.

A minimum production run is 50 units to make it worthwhile, but even then the sale price per membrane would need to be around £25 - produce 250 units and that could drop to around £15 (based on costs of producing Sinclair QL and Spectrum membranes)..

So, what interest would there be and in which type of membrane?

You may want to add your interest to the poll on Amibay - to help move this forward.
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