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Originally Posted by ahhyes View Post
Hi Strim,

I am giving NetBSD a go on my 1200 (Equipped with an 060 (Blizzard 1260, 128MB RAM)).

I think I have gotten the partitioning right. However when I boot from the swap partition (after having written the miniroot.fs), It just bombs with error 2 at the netbsd bootstrap loader. Any ideas? I gather one needs to gunzip the miniroot image, as it was compressed (miniroot.fs.gz). I did this before writing the image
Yes, miniroot should be decompressed.

Error 2 is ENOENT (No such file or directory).

Are you really sure your partitioning setup is right? Double check with HDToolBox if:
- swap partition ID is 0x4e425301
- custom boot code is ON
- reserved blocks on start and end are set to 0
- number of custom boot blocks is to 16
- automount is set to ON

You might have to run xstreamtodev again after correcting it!

The swap partition must be within first 4GB of a disk for bootblocks to work. If it's not, you can try to boot the installation with loadbsd (should be somewhere on installation ISO).

Besides, NetBSD 5 is old. Grab the newest NetBSD 6 beta from this server.

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