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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Works for me. Explain your test case _exactly_. Not just "I remove disk and it crashes".

EDIT: My test case:

Mount PFS3 floppy device (using similar mountlist used for RAD, except device and handler changed)
Format it.
Eject and insert and check that everything works. Including disk getting reported as removed, not non-dos after removal.

Previously media changes didn't work at all and it also randomly crashed after eject.
aah, kiitos
mount uh2:
open the uh2: icon... display image or open a text file, close the application.
unmount uh2: then guru #8
Given there is the source code, I've done the equivalent unmount for 1.3 (which works with fat95, when fat95 is decided to work )
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