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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
I think personally they should have initially concentrated only on an Xbox 360 XBLA release and parallel development of a high end PC version.

if shit games like Super Meatboy can sell +1,000,000 copies in 12 months on XBLA then you can bet your ass something that looks like their target renders for the cockpit view even if you just converted the existing gameplay would sell millions of copies regardless of whether people knew about the Amiga or just wan't a WW1 action simulator type game.

They have buttoned up really tight too, I was hoping to get some information out of them but it's been nearly a week and a half since I heard anything from them. Guess they are in no mood to talk now.

Personally there are so many iOS games it would get lost on the download page which is flooded with millions of 99p games anyway and to be honest it wouldn't be worth a remake on a crappy phone/tablet IMO. XBOX, PC and then later with some of the profits a PS3 port on PSN. £15 and you have a winner for such a simple game that fits on 2x 880kb floppies.

I agree. Promoting this game at $15 is almost unheard of on the App store. Most people out there don't want to spend anymore than $4 on any single app, yes, i am one of them.
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