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I wish you all the best Spud

My Amiga Buck Rogers game lies dead on a hard card from my second Amiga 2000 to die in 12 months and the frustration with irreplaceable hardware just drove me over the edge. Working on a PC via WinUAE and a 1080p LCD monitor with 100hz update is not suitable for my game as I needed to see how much I could drop the texture palette and make it up with tight copperlists. It was meant to look great on CRT tubes using SCART/RGB cables on real Amigas.

Ah well not much I can do about it now after searching for a single sane ebay seller with a replacement for months. I am now working hard on producing an iconic Commodore 64 game using DirectX 11 for PC though, and have the support of a 3D artist who worked on Prometheus. Writing games is awesome, had great fun getting those 3D textured floors with lovely depth cue effect working on a bog standard Amiga OCS machine though. Good feeling
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