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@Twist. Totally agree with what your saying. Although noty exclusive to this mob by any means. I've seen other examples of where snooty-nosed PC magazine writers get quite condencending if, for example they talk about an old "classic" game like Xenon 2,but then only mention it being PC. This happened in a aussie PC gaming magazine here recently & when corrected by a reader about the Amiga version existing & having the BomB the Bass title tune,(And the reader pointed out that the bleeping PC speakers of the time didn't have that in their version)
he got a typically arrogant PC is god reply & how powerful PC's are today.

It's bad enough to produce crappy lists like this,but the attitude of "there were no good games or machines before the modern PC" is really irritating, not to mention the revisionist history of others. (amiga versions of popular classic games not being listed for example).
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