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Returning Amiga user needs updated advice!

Hi folks
I had an A-1000 and an A-500 back in the (years ago) . Am looking to get another and wanted some advice.

I would like to play vintage games, home business software, and "maybe" use a web browser depending on hardware choice & speed. Internet connection is not needed but would be "nice" especially being able to download some software instead of getting it on 3 1/2" disks...ETC

What is your opinion on the "Commodore" line running linux mint?
(expensive and irrevelent w/o Amiga OS?")

What is your opinion of Amiga Emulation like Amigaforever?
(does it give the real Amiga Experience, is it flexible, can it read 3 1/2
Amiga software disks? etc) PS I run linux and Unix machines......

What is your opinion of the Amigaones?
(R they worth the money, since they do have a good OS and the speed
to surf the net and all the other Amiga software and newer hardware)

Now,,,,,how about the A-500's and the A-1200's, aftermarket upgrades and
cost is good as well as the ability to surf the net on an A-1200 w/rj45 card/conn)
Is the A-1200 more expandable than the A-500? Cost?

I personally think going back to an A-1000/2000/3000/4000 would eventually
present hardware issues, ie ease of getting then and cost.....

I am leaning towards an A-500 or A-1200 but would greatly appreciate
your thoughts and suggestions as its been a long time.....

Thanks in
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