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Amiga gfx

Hi some help please been looking last night but no joy,I need a util that will let me import iff files from deluxe paint on to the pc > modify and return to delux paint on the amiga.

I have Grafx2 which will read the iff but when i save as lbm and import on to real amiga no joy ? for starters the file is to big compared to the original am I missing something ? tried reducing palette to original but still no joy.

Perhaps another util maybe.

Many thanks jamie.

ps. Or am I going about this the wrong way all together lol.

I wish to have a play with some of my old amiga gfx on pc only other way i see is use winuae.
In the long run I wish to re start like many having some thing new up and running.

I have the coding side sorted but not the gfx.

Sorry but this has probably been asked four million times in the past but can not find a good answer.

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