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Yes exactly what I mean!

Certain basic commands (cd, dir etc..) are already resident from boot-up in 3.1 ROM are they not? So you don't need them to be present in the filesystem. Can loadwb be resident? Of course you'd still need something there in order to have a current directory, but even with an empty RAM disk you could still do things with any other (non-bootable) disks that you happen to have. Could be useful if you manage to trash your HDD's boot sector somehow (if install command is resident).

Also a sort of anecdote from my very earliest experiences with the Amiga - Deluxe Paint I wouldn't boot from the disk, you were supposed to run it from the Workbench, which we didn't know at the time, because games would just run straight from the Kickstart screen. So we switched on and put the DPaint disk in and all we got was a shell prompt. And booting Workbench from disk took so long... fortunately I worked out you could just type "dpaint" from the shell. It didn't need Workbench for anything other than giving you a nice icon to double click on. (And then it would close the Workbench screen anyway :/ )
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