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Originally Posted by Mustangjeff View Post
1) What type of storage connector(s) are present on the ACA500? Built in CF connector, standard IDE connector, both?
Both are there: Internal CF-card connector and a 3.5" IDE/Atapi connector.

Originally Posted by Mustangjeff View Post
2) Is the storage connector(s) accessible through the left side expansion slot?
The CF card connector is internal and it is not accessible from the outside. Only the 3.5" connector is accessible from the outside, along with a highspeed expansion port.

I am aware that some people are hoping to use the CF card slot as a "general data exchange port" with the PC, but I would like to discourage anyone from doing that. Since the CF card is used as a harddrive replacement, it should also be treated like a harddrive. Exchanging data with the PC should be done the "traditional" way, for example through network, serial or floppy disks. In addition to that, I'm thinking of a low-cost addon that allows exchanging data with a PC.

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