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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Do you really need to use that expansion port? I mean, there might be other ways to connect to those lines and add memory+IDE...

Nope, there isn't (Did you saw how CPU in CD32/A1200 looks like?). Even if such socket would exists, it should be very precise to fit between connectors and conatin insulation as well. Because of that precision it would cost as much as the accelerator itself at final price (look for smd adapters for programming devices).

There is a way to build custom connector from PCI sockets (at least 3 i think), but its time consuming and should be quite precise (read as boring and frustrating).

As i said, only somebody like Jens who have bought tooling for making such connectors is able to set production, but there is minimum quantity required and its proice is beyond reach for any decent hobbyist (unless he's rich).

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