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I use my Amiga's for software development, painting, video editing and teaching my son's all about computers. I also play a classic games with my two boy's on several different Amiga's.

As far as apps go I use DPaint 5, Pagestream 4.1, Video Toaster Flyer, Photogenics 5 and many more.

I use my PC's for Mozilla, WinUAE, Video Toaster [2] development, Linux Mandrake and more.

I also laugh @ my PC, the PC version of the Video Toaster needs a 2 Ghz Pentium IV with 512MB of RAM to work right. I have a 128MB video card and 1 GB of RAM and still run out of RAM. The Video Toaster on the Amiga needs a 25Mhz 68040 Amiga 4000 or a Towered 68030 A1200. Even an 1987 Amiga 2000 with a Toaster card and a Flyer card installed can do fast easy cool video editing on the harddisk.

Hahahahahahahaha Windows.

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