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Originally Posted by sjakie43 View Post
Hello Fellas,

I hope 2 release the V3 very soon........

I have a few WHDLoad demos that dont work yet,12 of 347 to be precise.

Maybe its possible to make them work, i sure hope so , the more the Marrier.

I am using version 16.9 of WHDLoad at the moment.

3D Demo II (anarchy)- character issue?
Mirror (Andromeda) - Character issue?
Seduction (complex) - needs Whload v17
Chromagic (DCS) - flickering gfx,after that >Exception "illegal instruction"($E010) at S1D0 occured
Overload II (jetset) - Keeps resetting after loading
Mesmerized (pure metal coders) - not ok due to illegal file spec
Anarchy party slide (Razor 1911) - Exception Level 6 autovector (CIA-B/EXT) ($E078) at $300E0 occured
When we ride on our enemies (Skarla) - after intro screen i get a black screen , music plays though
Stag Series (BNK Team) - not ok due to object not found on reading OSEmu.400
Sound of Silents (Silents) - resets after few parts
8-Bit Jungle (Unstable Label) - not ok due to dos error 205,object not found DSK1Mainpart.bin
Jehovah Goes hitech (Voice) - dos error 205,object not found

Plz help me fix them !

With regards Jehovah Goes Hitech, it should work fine, so long as the file 'jehova.exe' has been copied into the slave directory, there is no reason for it not to find the file it expects.

I'll revist it anyway as the memory requirements are wrong, must have been originally source code for another of my installs and I didn't ever alter it!
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