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Dan Andrea
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Slow speed Direct HD access

I asked about this in a different forum and never got an answer. :-/

Anyway, I was wondering if there is something in my system doing this or if it is just WinUAE that is the problem. I have my "old" Amiga's HD connected and working as a direct accessed HD in WinUAE (RDB prepped and all). Only problem is it is really slow. I get about 1 MB/s write speeds and 3 MB/s read speeds (and this is if I tell Windows to enable the Write Cache on the drive!). This drive I have measured 12 MB/s read and 10 MB/s writes, sustained, on both my old real Amiga (now dead) and on this PC before I reformatted it back to Amiga RDB prepped (I had it as a FAT32 drive for a while).

Do I need to do something to get this to go faster? Is this a bug in 0.8.22r3? I'm getting ready to install r4, so I don't know yet if this will fix my issue or not (no mention of it in the notes on

Any ideas? :-)
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