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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
OK, I know I'm a bit dense around memory configs...
Does this mean that the ACA1220 will work fine with PCMCIA and all it's memory?
Or does it mean the ACA1220 will work find with PCMCIA and you get an extra 5M RAM as long as you don't use ACATUNE to add the rest of the memory?
ACA1220 will map it's memory to the 32-bit area where it cannot conflict with PCMCIA. No trouble to expect there. However, adding PCMCIA S-Ram to an A1200 that has 128MByte ram already sounds a bit unnecessary. I'd use it for network or other peripherals.

ACA620 is also PCMCIA-friendly, but uses some trickery to achieve that. Both cards support Maprom.

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