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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I would highly recommend to update the design to 32-bit fast memory. This 16-bit memory can't be called fast: The ACA620 clocked at 16.67MHz beats the FuriaEC020 by almost 600 Dhrystones. If you overclock the ACA620, it beats this card by over 1400 Dhrystones.

The EC020 processor can do *much* more than this. It's worth continuing the development here - you're on the right path!


This card is designed to use 16-bit RAM from the beggining and is a result of struggling with 68EC020 and blinking power led issue(one year long pause because of that and lowering determination as well). Problem was tracked down thanks to Yacube

Just think of this Project as fruit that you can harvest on certain point of self development. Next time this fruit will be better.
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