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Originally Posted by gibs View Post
I set the network config in dhcp, now it's working.
Therefore I don't know why it wasn't in was a routing issue.
It's documented in rc.conf man page. But it's true that it should be added to the NetBSD guide.

Well now I can't add the repository

The documentation say:
export PKG_PATH

But I get:
"export command not found"
The export command must exist since it's an internal bourne shell command, but as ahhyes suggested, you might have csh configured as your shell. You may want to change it to /bin/sh with chsh command if it's set to something else. Also, /bin/bash is not installed by default, but that's unrelated to this problem (just use /bin/sh ).

Proper way to use the export command is:
(don't do export twice)

By the way, you must use full path in PKG_PATH, variables such as release number and port are to be filled by user in this example, like:
Notice that path has changed a bit since release of 5.1. This is explained in a README file that lies in an old directory structure . Documentation should probably be updated again...

Also, you'll notice that not so many packages are prebuilt for m68k. That's why it's good to install pkgsrc and build packages on your machine. I've explained this in some previous post .
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