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Alas, I wouldn't really know, tygre. I'm not very good at the game at all!

On a different note, I decided to playtest the old Fairlight crack of Hook again despite the existing knowledge that it isn't cracked properly and therefore a few key items will disappear from the rooms they're supposed to be in.

Well, the first one to make a disappearing trick is one of the mugs in the Crossed Swords, but this is kind of made moot by the fact you can take advantage of the "inventory glitch" in the Bait and Tackle to get an extra mug regardless. What's even more worrying is that it always - and I do mean always - freezes before loading the Jolliest Roger's Place - i.e. the Tavern room - so you can't even put those mugs to good use. I can only assume that however Gaston cracked the first copylock on Disk 2, it tripped one of the game's hidden checksums, of which Galahad said there are "lots". (And another thing I noticed is that - if loading from Disk 1 - once the intro has finished, it freezes/goes into a permanent RTE loop. Another sneaky checksum, no doubt.)

Lord knows why no-one spotted all of this and complained in their hundreds back then - we could've had a fixed version a lot sooner than over a decade later!

(Curiously, the JST HD version can load the tavern just fine, but on the other hand it always quits back to WB after Peter walks the plank - evidently Jeff didn't nip another of the game's copylocks back then!)
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