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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
There are two major "types" of PSU. (Or more like 3, third being Crap, blows up when it is loaded with half of rated capacity, bad regulation, too much ripple)

Non-crap cheaper ones are group regulated (Only load level on 12v line is used for regulation), more expensive ones are independently regulated (each rail has its own regulator).

EDIT: Also different PSUs have different min load requirements.

All this makes choosing the best "Amiga compatible" PSU very very difficult.
Thanks, I do not know what I was thinking, If I just had taken time thinking I would know that the Amiga ofc can't drain that many Amperes, my bad not thinking straight.
Also had completely forgotten about thinking on the minimum load factor so thanks for remaining me.

Then it seems that the best way to go when using ATX PSUs must be a quality small form factor ones, since the small mATX ones are rated at a lot lower wattage they are made for low consuming systems (HTPC:s) and would fit the Amiga good as long as it has a decent 5v rail (good reviews show the ripple at all individual rails under x% amount of load), then I think my move to the mATX FSP one was a smart choice

Edit: Also sorry Jens, was not thinking straight, been working my ass of at work and replying from work stressed and I have not read what you wrote properly.
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