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Hi, ok i think i got the boot disk sorted. I have put the hdf file onto a fat formatted cf card and into the pcmcia slot(the card does detect ok when using the adf transfer software from floppy).

So i put the boot disk in as well as the cf card into the pcmcia adapter that had the hdf file on it, and after about 20secs of floppy activity all i get is either a grey or purple screen and nothing happens.

I have also tried the comfy hfd from the cf_ClassicWB_LITE pack, and it does the same thing with the boot disk.
I have tried to set it all up in winuae, and as for the classic workbench i have copied over the necessary workbench files, and it all works fine in winue but not on my real amiga 600.

There was also one occasion when i tried it and when it went to access the cf/pcmcia after the boot floppy, it said it was write protected, but all the other times i tried ijust get a blank screen as mentioned above.
Can the boot disk, and comfy or cf_ClassicWB_LITE be used on an A600 that has kickstart 2.0 (37.299)?? Am i doing something wrong?
Thanks, Han.

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