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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
It's not about the "amount of juice" - it has never been with an Amiga. A fully equipped A4000 takes way less than 80W.

It's ONLY about the quality of the 5V rail: Ripple must be low, because the Amiga has no point-of-load regulation. You can only measure ripple with an oscilloscope.

Ofc the wattage of the PSU is not the important factor since the Wattage is counted on all rails, but the Ampere is important, for example my A1200 needs 10-15+ amp on the 5v rail and the best quality ATX PSU I could find fitting inside the Amiga power brick had 25A on the 5v rail so im safe forever, Ive tried with a ATX PSU with 10A on the 5v rail and it was not enough for my expanded A1200.
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