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Lightbulb Treasure Trap pointers

Well, I hope this is the right place to post this- I just spent hours finishing this game that I could never finish as a child and since there are NO hints or walkthroughs anywhere online, I thought I would write some pointers for future treasure trap googlers.

Saving- if you are playing the PC version, consider playing this game with an amiga emulator because that allows you to save whenever you want, even mid jump.

Using the enviroment to bring gold to you- very often, you have to make monsters or objects go where you can't go and push out gold for you.

Using keys as obstacles and height boost- this is very important, you have to put keys on the ground to block and redirect movement of monsters and carts. In some cases you will also have to drop a key to give you a little boost before you jump on a high ledge.

Moving columns- if you reach a wall or column, sometimes they can be pushed around or taken apart even if it doesn't look like it. Try waking against or jumping up against the column/wall to see if it works. Sometimes it only works from one side...

keyboard- the default keyboard layout was impossible for me. I redefined the directional keys from the main screen and everything was much better after that.

Keys- I'm not sure how randomised the game is but it seems that all the triangle keys only have one door to open so it should be ok to leave the key somwhere near that door for when you need it, that way you have space for other keys.

Room 21- this one stumped me but then I realize you only have to push the crate in the middle towards the back wall (the wall that appears as total blackness).

Room 50- this is the last room in the game and only opens up once you finished all the others (have 350 gold). The anemona follows you around but only vertically. What worked for me is to lay down keys to move around the cart so that it ends going in the top right corner and pushing the safe near the small ledge, letting you simply climb over the safe and over the anemone.

Room 26- jump on the small ledges until 3-4 of them reach the floor and arrange them as a line which you will push under the anemones, so that the gold will slide out the other end.

Room 44- once you manipuate the fish into pushing out the box for you, you can just use the box to push away the jellyfish as long as you do it from the corner.

Room 81- the floating ledges are you way back so don't jump on them yet. Jump down and use keys to direct the crab into the other part of the room until it pushes out the gold for you. Move the box to jump over to where the key is, take the key and jump down again to collect the gold. Climb back on where the key was and make your way to the exit via the floating ledges.

Room 64- this one takes time... I think there are 3 piles of gold in tunnels inside the boxes and you have to position the crabs so that they will go inside and push out the gold for you. There is more gold on the moving platform, get up on it and jump.

Room 63 and 70- leave a key that will block the monster/cart, leave the room and reeneter, the key should block the monster/cart so they won't be able to push the gold to where you can't get to it.

That's it from the top of my head.
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